Vegan catering options in Gage County

Vegan catering options in Gage County

Is there good vegan catering options in Gage County?

For years, being a vegan was made much harder by the fact that there were almost no dishes without animal or animal-based ingredients available in restaurants and social events.

However, the growing acceptance of veganism has changed the picture. Whereas before vegans had to be content with a hastily-made salad, nowadays there are many chefs out there who prepare vegan delicacies that are tasty to everyone.

This is true for catering, too. Vegans no longer need to be afraid when they are planning or assisting to an event, because vegan catering options in Gage County are better than ever. Foremost of them is Colleen’s Catering, whose years of experience and love for their work make them the perfect choice for your event.

Colleen's Catering opened in the fall of 2008. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our quality service, beautiful presentations, better food, and competitive pricing. We can also customize a menu to fit your needs and budget.

You can see some of our most exquisite dishes on our online menus, but don’t be disheartened if you see animal products because that is not all we have. We can customize our menu to fulfill several dietary requirements, like kosher and vegan.

In Colleen’s Catering you will find vegan dishes for every kind of occasion. Our popular vegan recipes include:

• Couscous
• Green bean casserole
• Salads
• Blueberry muffins
• Barbecue bean sloppy joes

The next time you need vegan catering options in Gage County, contact Colleen’s Catering! We will make your business meeting or social event a true delight.

Phone: 402-239-3304
Address: 620 Court Street, Beatrice, NE 68310


Vegan catering options in Gage County

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