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NU athletic director Bill Moos speaks to Beatrice Rotary Club

Nothing but optimism came out of Bill Moos' mouth as he addressed the Rotary Club Thursday afternoon.

An estimated 98 people turned out to listen to the new Nebraska Athletic Director speak at Vintage Venue in Beatrice. He started by discussing his background and his journey to Nebraska, but then he got into the meat and potatoes of his discussion

Nebraska football.

When Moos came on board last year as Nebraska's new athletic director, one of his first orders of business was firing former Husker football coach Mike Riley and then hiring Nebraska native son Scott Frost.

Moos was optimistic about the future of Nebraska football under Frost.

"He is the best young football coach in American," Moos said of Frost. "He's going to do stuff that will blow people's minds in the Big 10. The speed and finesse that he brings coupled with Nebraska's traditional power game -- it will be something to see."

Moos said he's not expecting a miracle season in his first year since Frost is implementing new systems on both offense and defense, but said look out for the Huskers in future seasons.

"We are going to make some noise," Moos said. "And there will be people outside of our state that won't like it."

Moos said he's watched Nebraska from afar for his entire professional career and knows how the Nebraska fan base bleeds Husker red.

"Nebraska football's rich tradition is unparalleled," Moos said. "When you mention Nebraska, you have to mention them in the same breath as Texas, Alabama, USC and all the other traditional powers. I've been blessed to become apart of this."
In recent years, though, that tradition has been tarnished with mediocre seasons or even worse.

"This program was in trouble," Moos said. "Was the brand tarnished? No, it just needed dusting off and we think we have the people in place to do that."

Moos also touched on Nebraska basketball. He felt like the Huskers got mistreated last year when they were snubbed from the NCAA Tournament.

"Twenty two wins on the season and 13 conference wins should get you into the NCAA Tourney," Moos said. "I think we got mistreated on that."

Moos said the successful season convinced him that head coach Tim Miles should stay on as coach, but stressed that they are looking for consistency on the basketball court.

"We need another year like last year," Moos said. "We want consistency and I want to be supportive of Coach Miles in anyway I can. I think this year's team has a chance to be really good -- maybe even preseason ranked in the top four of the conference."

Moos was asked how the Nebraska can avoid the controversies that other Big 10 schools are dealing with in regards to personnel misconduct -- most recently at Ohio State in which head football coach Urban Meyer has been put on administrative leave.

"This is a high profile program and if you're not using good judgement every day, you can pay the price for it," Moos said. "You've just got to watch your step and our people know that. If you just surround yourself with the right people and keep your head on a swivel, you avoid that stuff."

Nebraska's football season is set to kickoff on Sept. 1 when they host a night game with Akron.

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